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Peruviano Royal Alpaca Collezione
handknitted by andean women artisans
Royal alpaca yarns suppliers
100% Royal alpaca fibre (19.0 to 19.5 microns)
Peruvian pima cotton & bamboo bedding sheets & bed covers
Royal Alpaca eiderdowns, mattress toppers & pillows
filling 100% Royal alpaca fibre (19.0 to 19.5 microns)
Royal alpaca throws, capes, scarves & ponchos
handknitted by andean women artisans
Royal alpaca cardigans, sweaters & vests
handknitted by andean women artisans
Royal alpaca leggings, legwarmers & socks
handknitted by andean women artisans
Vicuña Collection
handknitted by andean women artisans
Alpaca bed blankets jacquard-knitting
Royal alpaca crocheted throw blankets
handknitted by andean women artisans
Sweet Dreams Home – The Royal Alpaca Experience
With over 15 years experience Sweet Dreams Home is a textile company based in Lima, Peru dedicated to manufacture bedding products and alpaca textiles handknitted by highlands Andean women artisans. In alliance with social governmental program ‘Sierra Exportadora’ and UNICEF we support highland andean families which lives below poverty line. We are bedding suppliers of main Latam chain department stores such as Ripley_Home and Falabella. Additionally, we have our own bedding & alpaca textiles boutique where you can find products such as Royal alpaca duvets, mattress toppers, pillows fill in with Royal alpaca fibre (19.0 to 19.5 microns) recovered with Peruvian Pima cotton 600-threads thermo linen, alpaca throw blankets, cardigans, sweaters, vests, skirts,leggings, legwarmers, socks Suri baby alpaca rugs, alpaca yarns. Bamboo cotton bedding sheets, duvet covers, comforters among others. Royal Alpaca clothing textiles collection is hand-knitted by andean women artisans. We are designers, AltaMODA, AltaCostura, which means we source of our alpaca yarn through all process end-to.end, Take a look at our Royal alpaca collection men’s & women’s shawl- v-neck cardigans, sweaters, skirts, leggings, legwarmers, socks etc. We are a small company, and we want to keep small, #WeDesigners #altaModa #AltaCostura
Royal Alpaca fibre
Peruvian Royal alpaca is a dream come true, completely de-haired & ultra soft. Royal alpaca is a rare and unique fiber, only 1% of all alpaca fiber can be classified as royal. At 19.0 to 19.5 microns is with no doubt the queen of alpaca fiber. Royal alpaca fiber is the most demanding selection of the best alpaca fiber between both races (Suri and Huacaya) carried out by artisans who mastered ancient secrets that allow them to choose the finest, soft and warm fiber. Royal alpaca fiber is highly prized and has been considered a treasure of the Andes mountains for 6000 years. Softer than cashmere or angora, warmer and lighter than wool, without the prickle-factor. Free of bleach, dyes, and pesticides, won’t trigger allergies. Absorbs up to 35% of its weight in moisture.
Peruvian Pima Cotton
Considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton. Pima cotton has long fibrous threads that means one can have a higher thread count within each piece made of it. Improvements in Pima cotton have continued to develop superior fibre properties as silkiness and high yield. Pima is hypoallergenic since it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. Admired for its softness, sheen, and exceptional touch. Brilliant luster, and durability – highly resistant to piling.

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