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Royal Alpaca Collezione
Andean women artisans
Vicuña Collection
handknitted cardigans, sweaters, throws & scarves
Royal alpaca chunky-knit throw blankets
handknitted by highlands andean women artisans
Royal alpaca & cashmere cardigans, sweaters & vests
handknitted by andean artisans
Royal alpaca throws, capes, scarves & ponchos
handknitted by andean artisans
Suri baby alpaca eiderdowns, mattress topers & pillows
recovered with Peruvian Pima cotton 600-threads thermo linen
Peruvian pima cotton & bamboo bedding sheets & bed covers
100% Peruvian pima cotton & bamboo linen
Royal alpaca & cashmere women's cardigans, leggings & skirts
handknitted by andean artisans
Alpaca bed blankets, jacquard-knit
alpaca bedspreads, 5.59 Lbs, 230 x 230 cm
100% Peruvian Royal alpaca yarns
Royal alpaca fibre (19.0 to 19.5 microns)
Suri Baby alpaca rugs & carpets
handmade by andean women aritsans
Peruvian Royal alpaca eiderdowns & pillows
recovered with Peruvian Pima cotton 600-threads
Royal Alpaca Duvet Comforters, Mattress toppers & Throws
Peruvian Pima Cotton Bedding Sheets & Bed Covers
Royal Alpaca Cardigans, Sweaters & Vests
Royal Alpaca Skirts, Leggings & Hats