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Hypoallergenic 100% Royal Alpaca Shawl Cardigan, 2.49 Lbs, Mixed Red, Thermo, Silky, Organic, Handknitted by artisans


Anti-allergenic 100%  Royal Alpaca Shawl Cardigan, 2.49 Lbs – 1.29 Kg, RED ivory-black stripes, Thermo, Silky, Organic, Softness, Handknitted by highlands Andean women artisans.

Absorbs up to 35% of its weight in moisture, get the benefit of staying dry and keeping warm. More lightweight than cashmere, 4 times warmer than sheep wool. Royal Alpaca fibre is celebrated by the textile industry as one of the most eco-friendly, luxurious and high quality fibers. Softer, warmer and lighter, without prickle-factor. Free of bleach and pesticides, won’t trigger allergies, recommended case asthma condition. With 15 years experience, Sweet Dreams Home is a company which incorporates qualified women artisans to manufacture alpaca textiles. In alliance with social governmental program ‘Sierra Exportadora’ and UNICEF we support highland Andean families which lives below poverty line. #altaMODA #ALTAcostura #Tailoring #WeDesigners

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HYPOALLERGENIC LUXURY 100% ROYAL ALPACA SHAWL CARDGIGAN, 2.49 Lbs, RED black-ivory stripes pattern, Thermo, Silky, Breathable, Odorless, Eco-friendly

Handknitted by highlands Andean women artisans. Peruvian Royal Alpaca is a rare and unique fiber, only 1% of all alpaca fiber production in the world can be classified as royal. At 19.5 microns is the queen of alpaca fibers. Softer than cashmere with no itch of wool. Handknitted by highlands Andean women artisans. 2.49 Lbs – 1.19 kg. Naturally hypoallergenic, resist odors better than other fiber. Recommended case asthma condition, flame retardant. Royal Alpaca fiber is a demanding selection of the best alpaca fiber between both races (Suri and Huacaya) carried out by artisans who mastered ancient secrets to classify the finest, soft and warm fiber. More resilient and wrinkle resistant than cashmere – lower tendency to shrink. Softer, warmer and lighter, without prickle-factor. Ultra Silky, Anitmicrobial, Organic, Brethable. No Smelly Royal alpaca fibre. Includes a Certificate from the Research, Social Projection & Alpacas Centre – National Agragian University of Peru – guarantees 100% Royal Alpaca fibre (19.0 to 19.5 microns) and Certificate of Origin expedited by Peruvian Chamber of Commerce which accredits the origin of goods. It has been a familly business for over 30 years manufacturing handknitted alpaca cardigans, sweaters, leggings, skirts etc. Still mother supervises designs to keep a touch of elegance and quality assurance! Warmer, softer and stronger than wool. Long-lasting: Never pills! Free of bleach, dyes and pesticides. Royal alpaca fiber is hollow allowing best thermal insulation, absorbs up to 35% of its weight in moisture – get the benefit of staying dry and keeping warm. #AltaMODA #AltaCostura #WeDesigners – designed a Milano. We are a small company and we want to keep small.


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– Manufacturer warranty for 14 days from date of purchase.
– Shipment fees: Locally usd 5.00 – internationally usd 20.00.
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