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100% Royal Alpaca V-Neck Cardigan Blue, Thermo Silky Handknitted


100%  Royal Alpaca V-Neck Cardigan, Navy blue with grey stripes, Handknitted
Handknitted by highlands andean women artisans. Royal Alpaca fibre is celebrated by the textile industry as one of the most eco-friendly, luxurious and high quality fibers. Softer, warmer and lighter, without prickle-factor. Free of bleach and pesticides, won’t trigger allergies, recommended case asthma condition. In alliance with social governmental program ‘Sierra Exportadora’ and UNICEF we support highland Andean families which lives below poverty line.
PRICE: USD 169.00 – USD 189.00
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Hypoallergenic Luxury 100% Royal Alpaca V-Neck Cardigan Navy blue with grey stripe, Handknitted, Thermo, Vegan
Peruvian Royal Alpaca is a rare and unique fiber, only 1% of all alpaca fiber production in the world can be classified as royal. At 19.5 microns is the queen of alpaca fibers. Softer than cashmere with no itch of wool. Handknitted by highlands Andean women artisans. 2.49 Lbs – 1.19 kg. Royal Alpaca fiber is a demanding selection of the best alpaca fiber between both races (Suri and Huacaya) carried out by artisans who mastered ancient secrets to classify the finest, soft and warm fiber. Softer, warmer and lighter, without prickle-factor. #AltaMODA #AltaCostura #WeDesigners.
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Worldwide shipment DHL- FedEx. D2door 7-10 days.
Contact: (+44) 07880229594/
Shipment fees: Local usd 5.00 – International usd 19.00


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